A strong collection of ever growing artworks that can be purchased to compliment Deer Henri homewares, or to work alone. The artworks consist of original acrylic prints on timber panels, hand printed original screen prints, painted and mixed media works and limited edition giclee prints. All of the artworks are created by Denise Hojdyssek. Her design work and her artworks are influenced by her love for several movements such as The Bauhaus, Modernism and Abstract Expressionism. Her artwork in particular reflects the idea that it can come from the unconscious mind. Often an image will presents itself to her on awaking or daydreaming. Or, she will experiment with doodling and automated drawing to tap into the unconscious and to see what simply happens. From here shapes and marks are discovered and later formulated into something that harmonises. These shapes may be cut out and placed into collages so that she can see the effect before they are printed or painted. The idea is to create a work that is expressive and emotive in its effect by the use of particular colours, shapes and how they are placed. And to make the heart sing!

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