About Us

Deer Henri is a label by Australian artist and designer Denise Hojdyssek, who works across the two fields of art and design. She fell in love with surface design after working for many years in various creative fields, styling and window display, makeup artistry and photography. It was only after having her child Henri in 2012, which inspired the name Deer Henri, did she return to her roots of art and design. In her early years she had completed a BA Visual Arts Degree, later she followed it by studying a year of Design Fundamentals at the Design Centre at Enmore Tafe, Sydney where she grew up. 

Deer Henri’s art and product is developing at a significant rate. Inspired by childhood memories of the Scandinavian design, Mid Century art and textiles that surrounded her in her home, and her current love for the modernist period.  The designs develop from exploring various colour ranges and playing with organic shapes, which can arise from simple doodling and automated drawing. These shapes may be cut out and placed into collages so that she can see the effect before they are screen printed or painted. 



A colour palette with strong mid century influence, combined with geometric and organic shapes are represented in Deer Henri art and product. 

We have launched Deer Henri’s label with the Maija product range which plays homage to the Finnish pattern designer Maija Isola. Its influences stems from the simplicity of Mid-century design and colour. The original Image was created as a collage, later a hand screen printed print on paper and then transferred digitally. 

Deer Henri’s designs are custom printed by a textile printer onto natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and fabric. The reason behind choosing the majority of Deer Henri printing to be done digitally was an environmental one. Less waste, water and toxins creating minimal impact on the environment was an important factor. However, art work and some special edition products will be screen printed by hand or applied using the traditional acrylic painting methods. From design, print, to making, all are done here in Australia.

The emphasis is on mostly natural, handmade, small production pieces with unique quality and design features that will last.